Well, here we are.  I hope we can keep the awkward silences to a minimum.  Anyways this is my blog, which hopefully will be a cozy place for my reports and opinions on the world of video games.  I’m sure along the way I’ll also be commenting on technology and other things that interest a person like me, as well as other things you’ll like if you enjoy this blog.  This is a great medium for me because I think the most interesting things you read can a lot of times be something organic from a real person’s point of view and not a standardized, sterile article.  Enjoy, subscribe and stick around because it should be a lot of fun.

Categories: Video Games (Main)
  1. July 31, 2009 at 3:43 am

    So, who is young Mike?
    Nice looking young gentleman. I was only leaving this in case you didn’t get my comment in response to the one you left on my site.
    If you are interested in building a WebSite, check mine out, If you come into the Chat room leave a message if I’m not around..I’ll get back with you.
    Mine is definitely not much on the color scheme that you would be used to with the games etc.. But they do have some pretty cool “Gaming” templates that I have seen.
    GOD BLESS you.paul

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