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Hard Games and Drinking-DO NOT ATTEMPT


Downloaded Ikaruga last night (only $5 this week!). I had heard about how hard it was and was intrigued. I think I remember people saying it wasn’t a very long game but the challenge was insane. I’ts basically a straightforward shooter in the same genre as 1942, etc. except some enemies are colored black and some white. You can change your ship to black or white to do double damage to the corresponding enemies and also be invincible to their gunfire (I think). I was barely coherent at the time but this was on my “to download” list. If there’s a soul out there that’s read my previous posts you know I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I’ve haven’t played as many shooters as I’d like in the past (read: none) so I figure why not start out with the baddest mother of them all?

Well, I played for about 45 seconds and I can honestly say JESUS CHRIST IS THIS HARD. My sober attempts at this game will probably be equal to my drunk attempts with any other game, it’s that manic and ridiculous. Check out the screenshots below if you’re skeptical. Also, keep in mind these are reflective of the very beginning of the game it’s not like they’re from a part you’ll get stuck on or something.

I’ll have more once I sink my teeth into this game (if I don’t break both my controllers first). If you want a hell of a challenge download this game. To be honest I thought it was too expensive before but for $5 it will hit the spot nicely.




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