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Update: The Games I’m Playing and Ones I’m Looking Forward To

This summer has and will be producing some games for me to play, which hasn’t been the case in the last few.  I’m still playing Magic:  The Gathering on XBLA which I admit has been relegated to the “small doses” category but still I’ve played it a ton in the last 2 months and for $10 that equals a bargain.  I’m still getting play time from Rock Band 2 as well.  To be honest since I first bought the game I think most of the downloadable content has been below average but when you find something you like it really does extend the life of the game.  My latest purchase was NCAA Football 10 and I’m happy to say I’m in the thick of the second year of my Penn State dynasty and going strong.  The game is as fun as ever and although there’s an obvious lack of polish on the part of EA Sports the core gameplay and modes are there.  Lastly I’ve also enjoyed spending time with Ikaruga and the trail version of ‘Splosion Man which if it wasn’t for the upcoming games below I’d certainly purchase the full version.

As far as the games I’m looking forward to the next one up to bat would be NHL 10 in early September.  I was a huge fan of the NHL2K up until a few years ago when it was no longer the best hockey game you probably wouldn’t buy.  I purchased EA’s game last year and was pretty satisfied.  It’s not perfect but it’s everything you want in a hockey game and the Be A Player mode is innovation in a genre like sports that severely lacks it. 

Left 4 Dead 2 is high on my list for this fall.  I loved the first one and as long as enough of my buddies still want more I’m pretty psyched.  The quick turnaround on a sequel doesn’t bother me at all like some people.  The game is meant to be straightforward fun and that’s refereshing.  Don’t change a thing Valve (aside from the usual maps and whatnot of course).

Halo:  ODST is kind of a sleeper for me.  Due this fall, I’m hoping it can live up to the glory days of when I spent way too much time into the early morning hours with Halo 2.  As I’ve stated before Halo 3 just didn’t do it for me so maybe this one will supply great maps and no-frills controls which to me is what made the first two Halo games great.

The last game this year that is high on my list would be Splinter Cell:  Conviction.  Why?  Because it’s Splinter Cell!  Nothing else needs to be said as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve always loved the series and they’re definitely in my personal all-time top 5.  On a side note I refuse to do a generic “My Favorite Games of All Time”  article so quickly here are my favorites in no particular order except for #1:  Virtua Fighter series, Halo 2, Splinter Cell series, Soul Calibur, Gran Turismo and Metal Gear:  Solid.  Honorable mentions would be BioShock, Guitar Hero III, and if you want to go old school I’ll say Earthworm Jim, Eternal Champions and Revenge of Shinobi.

Well with the games I’m still playing and those to come in I’m sure to be pretty busy for at least the next six months.  That’ll be a good thing if next year is anything like this year, where there wasn’t too much coming out from January to June.  While doing a little bit of research for this post I also just noticed that Borderlands is coming out this October.  If it’s as good as it aims to be I’ll have yet another purchase I’ll be very tempted to make.  

What are you looking forward to?  Let me know!

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