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The Quest for 100%

I rarely play games more than once. That’s why the fact that I’m replaying Shadow Complex (and may replay it again) in order to acquire all the hidden items really speaks volumes to how much I like this game.

There are literally dozens of hidden upgrades to find. Thankfully your map denotes them with helpful question marks. Some might say that removes some of the challenge but for someone like myself it’s perfect. It’s just like reading a great book. There’s nothing wrong with reading it again, but you could be reading another book. In other words I don’t want to track down every item myself when I could be doing something else with my time, like playing another game.

The map markers don’t remove the challenge entirely anyways. There’s a good many items that aren’t just sitting there for the taking. You’ll have to use the acquired skills you have at your disposal and a little ingenuity to figure out how to get at them. On top of that you may be standing in the specific room where the map says an item is located, however it could be located in a nook or cranny that can only be accessed from an adjacent room. This is where the challenge, and sometimes the frustration, really lies. Traversing the map from point A to point B can be much more arduous than it initially seems. The complex is somewhat of a maze so you’ll never take a straight line approach to get from here to there. In short if you discover you have to find another way in to a room it may take running through 5-10 other rooms to find another access point.

I still need around 20% of the hidden items to reach 100% and I’ve already run across a handful that I just can’t get to. Nevertheless it bears repeating that regardless of the challenge I can’t say enough about the replay value of this game. When a video game only has one player capability and has a definite “ending” yet you still want to play it again that says something, especially for me since I’m always looking for something new.

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