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Rock Band: Beatles Custom X360 Console Up for Auction

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

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Coinciding with Sept. 9th’s release of Beatles:  Rock Band, developer Harmonix is offering fans of the game and the band a chance to own something that as of now amounts to a one of a kind item.  On eBay you’ll find a custom Beatles Xbox 360 console that anyone is free to bid on.  The bid of the eventual winner will be donated to Doctor’s Without Borders.  It’s unclear right now how many of these consoles will become available.  

If you’re not in the market to shell out for the custom console, or just aren’t as big a fan as some, you can still download the song “All You Need Is Love” whereupon the purchase price will be donated to the charity as well.  

500x_1                                   500x_3

Mike:  I can’t sit here and pretend the first console up for auction isn’t skyrocketing in price, but it’s worth a look if you’re a hardcore Beatles fan.  I think the artwork on it is great and much better than expected.  You don’t often get the chance to contribute to charity through video games, so if you plan on getting the game at least download a song.

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