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No Left 4 Dead 2 For Australians?

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

That’s what the buzz is according to many various news feeds, and it might be a grim reality for Left 4 Dead fans down under. The Australian Classifications Board is rumored to have banned the upcoming sequel for the entire continent, and if true gamers from Melbourne to Sydney will have to stand pat with the original or import the new release (if possible).

The original game was rated “Mature, 15+” by the ACB, however what made the second offering raise more of an eyebrow is anyone’s guess at this point. The Board seems very similar to your typical governmental watch dog group, but video games seem a little more targeted than they perhaps should be according to their website. Regardless, there’s undoubtedly numerous gamers in Australia holding their breath for any falsehood associated with the report.

Mike: Watchdog groups aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Okay, who am I kidding of course they are! It’s not like you can’t see Left 4 Dead-esque violence on a lot of basic cable stations. The ESRB exists for a reason, and it’s gratuitous for any government to step in and double down on censorship if an industry can govern itself.

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