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Random Rant: Applying for Jobs Online

Finding jobs through online services is yet another example of something that SHOULD be easier using the Internet, yet we as people can’t fucking do it right because we’re greedy as hell.

At first, Monster.com was great because it had all job postings in one place. Then predictably everyone caught on to it and all of a sudden you were competing with hundreds of candidates for one job. Thankfully other sites similer to Monster have popped up, but you still have a better chance of landing a good job by simply walking around looking for posted flyers on telephone poles. The accessibility of these sites cannot be denied, however it also leads to not getting a call back from about 7 out of 10 jobs you’re completely qualified for, and that’s probably a low estimate.

The biggest offender of ruining the online job search game is unquestionably the employers themselves. They have totally eliminated the convenience of these sites by STILL requiring people to go through the company’s site to apply for a job.

Let’s delve a little into what this process entails. Keep in mind all you’re trying to do is apply instantly, which sites like Monster are equipped to enable you to do.

1. You click “Apply Now” which initiates a bait and switch, taking you to the company’s website instead of a simple “Thank You For Applying” screen. Sometimes it doesn’t even take you to the specific job you were looking for. You actually have to find it…….again……on a different website than where you started.

2. Whether or not you’re lucky enough to directed to your desired job or not, you now have to register just like any other site you would visit for the first time. Here is where insanity starts creeping into your psyche. You fill out all your personal info, type out all your job experience, desired salary, etc. You might even be unlucky enough to have to list things like your SAT scores, GPA in high school, or contact numbers for supervisors you haven’t spoken to in 5+ years. Sometimes if you don’t give legitimate answers to everything your application is not accepted unless you do so, even if you legitimately DON’T FUCKING KNOW certain things about that cashier’s position you held when you were 17.

3. You upload your resume. That’s right, they still want your fucking resume even though they just made you type for 10 minutes all the information that was already ON your resume. They’ll take it anyways though, because at this point why the fuck not?

4. You finally submit your application, your only hope of getting an interview being that maybe there weren’t too many people willing to go through this torture.

5. Now you have to navigate back to your job search, which usually involves starting at the very beginning and going through a few more screens to find more job listings at the site you first started at. This is extra fun if you really specified your search, because now you get to do it all over again!

6. Find where you left off and being job searching again.

So that’s the entire process. Now believe me a lot of jobs DO embrace the Monster model and simply let you click that glorious “Apply Now” button. All you have to do is answer a couple Equal Opportunity questions and type a cover letter if you so choose. Not bad at all. The problem is the other half of jobs that are listed make you go through the grueling process hashed out above. You can potentially spend upwards of 20 minutes applying to each job you’re interested in when there’s a system in place that lets you do each in about 2 minutes. It’s like having to travel from New York to L.A. and hopping in a car when right next to it is a plane gassed up and ready to go. What they’re also trying to say is that if you really want the job you won’t have a problem taking extra time to apply because they want you to be a “serious” and “dedicated” applicant/employee. That sounds nice but it’s not how the world works. I don’t know if the HR people in your ivory tower will deem me worthy of even an ill-timed phone interview, so it’s impossible for someone to devote their entire job search towards one freakin’ posting. The attitude seems to be that if I feel that way then I can just fuck off, well read ’til the end and you’ll see why I have no problem with responding with the same statement.

I do realize that the reason a lot of companies do this is to have your personal info forever in case you don’t get the job and something else comes along that’s right for you, but come on. Any jobs that arise are going to be put back on Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. so more people can go through the same bullshit process. I’m sure another reason is to weed out people that might not be qualified, but guess what? What these idiotic companies don’t understand is that they’re weeding out GOOD candidates too. A lot can happen in an interview. Maybe the candidate is barely qualified but when you meet them in person they knock your socks off and explain how valuable the position would be to them. You can also interview someone that’s probably a “filler” candidate, but he/she turns out to be perfect for another open position.

The final thing about all this that absolutely makes me want to physically knock some sense into these recruiters is that while making us jump through numerous unnecessary hoops is one thing, making us do it WITHOUT LISTING A SALARY is just plain criminal. Basically what they’re saying is this: “You can’t apply on Monster because we want your information. Also, we refuse to let you in on the salary beforehand so you’re going to have to go through an unnecessarily long application process (and probably go out of your way for several interviews)  before you even have a clue what the salary range would be. Oh, and the best part is we make every job sound very fast-paced with many responsibilities.  In other words while many of them might seem to be well-compensated, most of them aren’t. We’re just trying to make it sound nice because we can’t just come out and say half of these jobs are basically data entry.”

Well you know what? I don’t apply to a lot of these jobs. No matter what you’re going to encounter a ton of competition when looking or a new/better job, so why fight against the current when there’s plenty of others out there to apply for? Obviously I would find great satisfaction in a new job, but I find just as much satisfaction in the idea that some of these companies are losing out on a qualified candidate that could very well be better than who they ended up hiring. Employers have all the power in this game and it’s not fair. My attitude is show me a salary, show me the qualifications, and let me apply as easily as I should be able to, and I’d be happy to tell you how I can help your business if you deem me qualified. Do I sound like a dick? Sure, but not moreso than what these companies are communicating between the lines through job search sites.

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