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Daily Gaming Experience 04/27/10

This is a new concept that I’m hoping will catch on.  The “Daily Gaming Experience” will be a chronicle of my daily gaming habits and accomplishments and will be of varying length each time.  What I want to do is just provide a simple, fun way for people to follow what one typical gamer (me) is doing day in, day out.  I’ll talk about what games I’ve played that day, anything unusual or noteworthy that happened during my sessions, and any thoughts about gaming news and gaming in general that have occupied my mind in the latest 24 hour period.  Enjoy and please provide feedback or submit your own.  I’d be happy to post it, or just sit back and see what I’m up to!

Despite my purchase of Splinter Cell:  Conviction last week, I didn’t get to it today.  I’m definitely enjoying the campaign more than I thought, as I sort of hated the demo.  At any rate I’m playing it on realistic and it’s certainly a challenge, but it’s challenging just enough where it’s very taxing but you’re still confident you can find a solution.  I’m really looking forward to getting online with a friend who previously stated he needs someone to play co-op with.  I’m sure that will give the game more replay value, and we could get crackin’ as early as the next couple of days.  I still prefer the first 3 Splinter Cells by a mile, but this is a good game.

I also played Modern Warfare 2 off and on today.  I’m starting to realize that whether you’re winning or losing determines how much you’ll play a first person shooter on a given day.  When luck just isn’t with you or you just don’t have it that day it becomes a grueling experience.  Today was more or less a day like that, with a little bit of “map apathy” thrown in.  Even with the new Stimulus Package I find myself still tiring of the map list.  Maybe a short break or smaller doses would do a lot of good.

Upon recommendation from my friend Chris, I finally decided to explore the “Indie Games” portion of the Xbox Live dashboard.  I was pleased with my Avatar Golf purchase from late last year and figured I’d see what else this section had to offer.  After a little research on my part and some remembered suggestions from Chris I found that there certainly is a fair amount of value and fun to be had with these games.  Beware:  Just like on Xbox Live Arcade the quality of the graphics, not the gameplay, will determine the price of the game so be sure to demo a game or read about it first.

One of the brightest aspects of these games is that there are many games available for a dollar.  That’s right.  One clam, one greenback, one smackaroo.  Games like I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT!!!1!!1!provide quick bursts of fun, often with humor thrown in for good measure.  Others such as Breath of Death VII:  The Beginning have an old school flavor and actually have a lengthy campaign given the price.  I mean, it’s a buck.  How can you complain?  Actually these games are GOOD.  Focusing on the price point doesn’t do them justice.  Each game may not be a world beater, but this is where you’re going to find the best bang for your buck on the Xbox Live dashboard (take notes Game Room).

I was also pleased to demo Inside Lacrosse 2010 because it featured the TV voice of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Paul Steigerwald, doing the play by play.  I actually can’t stand Steigy but it was cool to hear his voice in an actual video game.  The commentary was sparse at best but to be honest the game isn’t that bad.  It’s almost on par with a PS1-era sports game and also lets you customize your team and their uniforms.  At the end of the day the $5 price tag was too steep for me though.

Do a quick search for the best Xbox Live indie games or just dive right in and try some demos.  You’re sure to find something you like.

Lastly, I plan on playing some Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tonight on my Sega Dreamcast after the recent news of a sequel being in the works for spring 2011.  I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long time, it’s almost too good to be true when you consider it’s been a good decade or so since  I purchased my home version of MvsC2. Funny thing:  Somewhere along the way I lost my VMUs (memory cards) for my Dreamcast and basically had to start over with MvsC2 and other assorted fighters.  You know what?  I’m actually glad!  MvsC2 has tons and tons of unlockables, so it will be a welcome challenge to get them back.

Stop by tomorrow for more!

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