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Daily Gaming Experience 04/28

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s entry, this is a new series where I simply relay what I did in the world of video games every day and talk about anything unique that may have happened.  I also get into any thoughts, general or otherwise about things going on in the gaming world.

A Short Rant About Microsoft Game Room

In case you haven’t seen any news about Game Room lately, let me catch you up to speed on its evolution so far:  It was released in March with 30 mostly lackluster games from the Atari era costing a questionable $3 a pop.  Then gamers were told they would have to wait a full month for another batch of games.  Many of us remained optimistic, then today (the supposed release date for new games) it happened:  With gamers wondering when the heck Microsoft was going to make the new games available today, out of the blue came an announcement that the new releases will be “delayed until further notice.”  Unbelievable.  Words cannot describe my disappointment and frustration.

To be honest I didn’t plan on making any purchases anyways.  The seven new games to be released were again, a group of Atari fossils, but I thought if I was bored enough I would break down and buy Pitfall for $3 just because of its status in the retro genre.  Other than that I was looking forward to NEXT WEEK’S GAMES.  Will they be on schedule now that Microsoft and/or developer Khrome have screwed everyone who has waited patiently?  No one knows.  There’s no information about new games except for the fact that they’re simply not here.  This brings me to the question of the day:  What has been the most disappointing “big” update Xbox Live has had?  Is it A) Facebook/Twitter, B) Last.FM, or C) Game Room up to this point in time?  Last.FM is quite the heavyweight, but I think we might have a new champion if this continues much longer.

The worst part is out of all the delays, bugs, and generally half-assed ways in which Game Room has been brought about, the games are STILL overpriced and too old to have much appeal if any at all.  If drastic changes don’t take place (yeah right) Game Room will have gone from exciting new feature to distant memory for me.

Indie Games

I’m still on an indie game kick.  Today I purchased Miner Dig Deep, Gerbil Physics, and Abduction Action! These were all pretty highly recommended by the Xbox community and a few “Best Indie Games” type lists that I had read yesterday.  Miner Dig Deep is a fun little game with a Dig Dug sort of vibe.  You mine underground, find precious stones/metals, upgrade your equipment and mine some more.  Truth be told there doesn’t seem to be a real point or end goal, so I was a little disappointed.  Same goes for Abduction Action! You are an alien flying around in a UFO abducting humans and performing tasks that your commander lays out for you such as killing farmers, abducting 10 cheerleaders, etc.  The controls are very slippery and while some light-hearted humor injected for good measure is welcome, the missions are just too simple and the game feels chopped up into little pieces and reassembled.

On the other hand I did enjoy Gerbil Physics. It’s a simple game:  there are a bunch of gerbils piled up in certain shapes and forms and you have to set off bombs to get them to all fall down.  It’s a lot more challenging than it sounds.  I played a similar game on AddictingGames.com so I was able to get through the game’s 24 levels in about 45 minutes max, but it might be a bit more of a challenge if you’re not used to these types of games.  Hey it costs a dollar, what can you say?  45 minutes of fun for 100 pennies isn’t bad considering I’ll probably play it through once more down the road.

Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 2

I only played a handful of MW2 matches today (I play Team Deathmatch Express almost exclusively FYI), nothing really spectacular to report.  A guy had the gamer tag “Coq Soup”, which I thought was hilarious.  I must admit the slight bit of lag you always get in this game is pretty troublesome at times.  There’s a certain fraction of a second of lag that you just can’t do anything about, but if you put 4 bullets into someone and still end up dying first or duck behind something and still die 3/4 of a second later it’s just a tad more laggy than it should be.  I’m no techie, but maybe dedicated servers would help?  Crazy thought I know.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

I did end up breaking in MvsC2 once again on my Dreamcast late last night, so it’ll go in today’s entry.

This game is still great.  So many combinations of characters comprising your 3 person team and so much going on on-screen.  It really is a treat and there’s no other fighting game quite like it unless you count other similar but lesser offerings from Capcom.  My team was always Cable/Venom/Ryu.  I have no idea why.  I hear a lot that Cable is a cheap character but to be honest I’m starting to hate him.  He just seems too lanky, slow, and lacking in variety in his moves that I might try to change him up.  I played through the game at about medium difficulty twice and unlocked characters Mega Man, Storm, Jinn and Morrigan.  I also purchased a new colors/costume for Wolverine.  Only about 195 unlockables to go, but it’s a start!

On a side note, I was surprised how “out of shape” my thumbs were when I dove back into this game.  A normal Street Fighter game probably wouldn’t have bothered me but with so much action I think it actually wore on me!  It was kind of like when you take a break from playing Guitar Hero for a week or two.  Takes a few sessions to get used to it again.

Check back tomorrow!

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