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Daily Gaming Experience 04/29

If you didn’t catch previous entries, this is a new series where I simply relay what I did in the world of video games every day and talk about anything unique that may have happened.  I also get into any thoughts, general or otherwise about things going on in the gaming world.

Two games I didn’t get to today that I would have liked to:  Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Splinter Cell:  Conviction.  With MvsC2 I guess I was just too lazy to unplug something and plug in my Dreamcast (I have one too many plugs for my surge protector).  With Splinter Cell, well basically what it comes down to is I “like” the game but I don’t “love” it.  That’s no big deal, it’s just unusual for me.  Most of the time when I make a purchase on a full price game it’s something I’ve thought and read about quite a bit and have made an informed decision about.  However I bought this game partly on a whim and despite loving the original games in the series, this one is a notch or two below them on my scale so I won’t be defaulting to it as much as I normally would with a new game.  Every time I do pop it in the tray it usually hooks me for at least an hour or so so I know that I’ll eventually give it it’s just due, but my sessions will be more spread out.

Indie Games

Found a couple of other gems today!  The first one is Baby Maker Extreme. Yeah I know it sounds ridiculous and it absolutely is.  You mash buttons for a brief period to………shoot a baby from a mother’s womb and launch it across the hospital.  You earn points the farther the baby gets thrown and if it touches certain items you gain that abilities to boost your speed or dive in order to hit certain objects and regain said abilities.  It’s wacky, it’s simple, and if it weren’t for the purposely drab graphics it would be a little weird for most people, but it really just comes across as a good laugh unless you’re incredibly touchy.  Buy it for a buck!

The other game I tried was from the same company that developed Abduction Action!, which I thought was pretty mediocre.  Thankfully they had some stills of other games they created and one of them was called Nasty. Why would I invest in another game from the same developer that disappointed me before?  Say it with me now:  they’re only a dollar.  You’re not taking much of a risk at that price point.  Plus there are developers I love and those that I hate but I don’t love or hate every single one of their games.

Anyways, the game is called Nasty. What is it?  Well it’s pretty much a plain looking version of Contra with no side-scrolling.  Each of the 100 levels is exactly one screen in size.  Your goal is to simply shoot and destroy all enemies on the screen and advance to the exit.  You can shoot eight ways, gain power ups, and fall down pits only to end up falling from the top of the screen in a Pac-Man sort of way.  I must say it’s a great indie game.  Lots of replay value and a great challenge, especially if you elect to try and beat all 100 levels in one sitting without starting over in the middle.  You can also play co-op, although sadly there is no Xbox Live support so you’ll have to sit a friend on your couch next to you.  Other than that it’s a perfect indie game with a lot of retro mojo to boot.  I don’t care what your budget is, buy it now.  You’ll get more enjoyment out of it than half the games on Xbox Live Arcade and definitely more than some of the shovelware they charge $40-60 for in the stores.


What is Catan you say?  Only the most popular board game in the world that you’ve never heard of.  It was created in Germany and is most popular overseas.  You can read about how the game plays in depth in my somewhat thorough review, but essentially it’s a four player game where everyone occupies a newly discovered island.  Players collect, trade, and use resources they gain from the land itself to get ahead in the game and you’re awarded points when you accomplish things such as building settlements and having the largest army.  It’s great fun and if you enjoy strategy and/or board games it’s probably well worth the 800 Microsoft points to purchase it.

Anywho, I played two games today.  Thankfully I won a game and my friend Chris won the other.  It worked out well.  The game has a lot of depth and almost every game turns out to be a heated race towards the end.  I’ve played it over 100 times now on Xbox Live and can still go back to it and play a few games at the very least on a weekly basis.  It’s nice to have an option like this on your console to relax and take a break from explosions and aliens and still get your gaming fix!

Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 2

The usual small doses of MW2 today.  Probably 12-15 team deathmatches in total.  Thankfully I had at least a handful of games with a nice kill/death ratio (20-9, 17-6, etc).  I’m not a world beater by any means but as long as I’m not hurting my team by being in the negative I’ll live to fight another day!  One thing of note:  I’ve officially gone back to the AK-47.  For the record I used the SCAR-H exclusively for months after initially purchasing the game, then tried out the AK.  The recoil started getting away from me, so I switched back.  Now I’m in bed with the Kalashnikov once again.

I love the gun, at least until it gets away from me again.  If you can treat it just a little bit like a semi-automatic and let off the trigger juuuust a tad after the first few bullets fly it’s extremely deadly.  You’ll inevitably be caught in situations where the muzzle climb gets the best of you because you went full auto out of habit but if you can discipline yourself not to do so I think it’s the best assault rifle in the game and probably the best primary gun overall.  Just my opinion though.  It seems as if there’s always a flavor of the month among the MW2 community when a newcomer asks what the best gun is.  The TAR-21 sucked, now it’s great, no one used the FAMAS or M16 because they were semi-automatic, now everyone swears they’re the only guns worth a damn.  It never ends.  Just goes to show that it comes down to preference and what suits you at the moment. There’s no definite answer that will last until the end of time.

That’s all for today, check back tomorrow!

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