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Daily Gaming Experience 04/30

If you didn’t catch previous entries, this is a new series where I simply relay what I did in the world of video games every day and talk about anything unique that may have happened.  I also get into any thoughts, general or otherwise about things going on in the gaming world.

So today I basically sprinkled in some MW2 amongst my ongoing indie game experience.  Nothing earth shattering to report in MW2, except that the ability to play games with a bunch of strangers from across the globe is both a blessing and a curse.  God your teammates can be so annoying at times……..but such is life in the world of online shooters.

At any rate I’m still trying to power through the 100 level indie behemoth that is Nasty. I may have been underestimating the challenge of the game when I first wrote about it because I talked about how it was “a challenge, especially if you want to beat all 100 levels without starting over in the middle.”  Upon further review I must say that that would be a next to impossible task.  The game doesn’t really cheat at all, it’s not that, but every once in awhile you will die due to sheer luck.  In other words 3 lives per continue and 4 continues is not going to cut it over the course of 100 stages.  Hell I’ve probably used 30 or so continues and I’m only at level 50-something.  Great game though, and nothing is impossible so I’m sure someone has beaten the game without starting over.  It’s certainly a goal worth trying for, as nigh impossible as it seems.  Maybe one day I’ll take a few hours and focus on doing it.  Oh wait, there’s a timer involved in each level.  Yyyyyyeah forget it.

I’m sure I’ll also jump on Breath of Death VII again in the near future.  I don’t even know if I’ve invested a full hour into it yet, although it’s certainly worth my time.

Tonight I went on a hunt for more indie games and was a little unnerved by how many recommended ones cost either $3 or $5.  Kind of a shame but I understand these developers have to make money, especially in the case of those that obviously worked extremely hard on a beautiful-looking game.  Still, I think it’s best to keep that price range reserved for Xbox Live Arcade from a consumer standpoint.

One game I decided to demo that I didn’t buy, but came so so close, was Kaiten Patissieri. Yep, that’s what it’s called.  It’s of Japanese origin without much English text but it’s simple enough anyways.  You control a girl who I guess is gathering ingredients for a recipe.  Hey, it’s Japanese what do you expect?  You trot around each level collecting them and you’re able to rotate the level to get to previously unreachable areas (think about the bonus levels in the original Sonic the Hedgehog and you get the idea).  The game gradually throws more elements into the mix to increase the challenge.  I have to admit I was a little bored at first then by the time the 8 minute demo was over I was pretty hooked.  The other big factor that I think makes the game appealing is that it looks and sounds just like it was ripped straight from Game Boy Color or something.  The graphics, the music, everything makes it seem like this is an old port.  I can’t really describe it but it just feels like a goofy Japanese Nintendo game from the ’90s that somehow found its way onto Xbox Live.  Try it out because it definitely has a weird charm and also an addictive quality as well.

I didn’t find much else for a buck, so I started browsing in the “Puzzle & Trivia” section of the indie games.  I’m pretty much up for any kind of trivia game so I immediately downloaded a couple for a dollar each (Pop Quiz and Avatar QuizCall) that didn’t look terrible.  I just want to answer a bunch of questions I don’t need much else.  Well, that being said I was still a little disappointed.  I got questions, no problem there, but I did expect just a little bit from the production values.  These games didn’t have hardly any.  It doesn’t matter that much given the price and the fact that at the end of the day you get what you’re asking, but I probably won’t come back to these unless it’s a rainy day where I don’t feel like surfing the net for free trivia quizzes.

I learned something important from all this:  When you download a few of the most popular indie games and they’re only a dollar, it kind of fools you into thinking that the rest of them are more or less comparable quality-wise (save for the obvious massage games and such).  Not true unfortunately so just like any other game you’d buy do your research and by all means play the demo if it’s available (all indie games have demos).  Even if there’s only a couple dollars at stake there’s no point in not trying before you buy.

That’s all for today.  I’ve been meaning to show my girlfriend a few of these indie games since they’re easy to pick up and if nothing else some are just funny.  I doubt her playing them will become routine but at the very least I’ll enjoy seeing her reaction to some of them (Baby Maker Extreme anyone?).

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