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Daily Gaming Experience 05/03

So I ended up not getting in on the Halo: Reach beta.  Turns out the only video store in my immediate area is boarded up and shut down.  Looks like I’ll have to make a special trip if I want to get in on the action in the next 14 days.  Oh well, turns out from the feedback people are providing I haven’t missed out on much just yet.  Most people, probably due to popularity of the beta, had to endure incredibly long waits for the files to load to their console.  Some reported the download to be finicky at best, canceling if you essentially touched anything on your controller while the download was in progress.  Some couldn’t get the download to get very far and one gamer in particular reported his download was somewhere near 34% after about 45 minutes of waiting.

After a fortunate few managed to download the entire beta, servers crashed at some point and most people seemingly only managed to get in a couple matches.  Naturally gamers are making a huge fuss over it, which they tend to do every time their needs aren’t met to the Nth degree.  Seriously, it’s not a big deal guys.  You’ll just have to wait a day or two for them to work out the kinks with their servers.  Some claim “we’ve been waiting long enough, if there’s bugs in the beta that’s fine but not the servers.”  Really?  You’ve “been waiting long enough”???  It’s a friggin’ beta people.  Even if you get to play it for a full 5 seconds you’re getting something for nothing and something that you never normally get.

I made mention of this in the Halo games message board and truly believe it:  I go on a lot of message boards pertaining to different topics (sports, video games, etc.) and gamers are by far the most idiotic group of people I encounter on the entire internet, and that’s saying something.

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