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Daily Gaming Experience 05/04

So today I played yet another game of Catan and unfortunately didn’t come out with a win.  I was in the lead for a good while, but little did I know one of my opponents had some victory points stashed away in a couple of cards they had purchased earlier in the game!  Oh well.

I played a healthy portion of MW2 today.  The AK-47 is starting to get away from me again.  The problem with the AK is that you have to baby it a bit like I mentioned a few days ago.  Not a lot, but a bit.  Problem is when you’re not having a good day in MW2 you tend to mash the right trigger and be pretty ham-handed with your firing.  The AK doesn’t take well to that, so that’s pretty much what happened today.  Again, best gun in the game in my personal opinion but it requires a slightly different touch.

I started playing Demolition matches again today, which was a nice change.  The only time I had played them before was right when the Stimulus Package first came out and it pretty much forced you to play all different game types to play the new maps for the first couple days.  It turned out to be a good thing since I learned I do like some other game types besides the usual team deathmatch.  It’s nice to change it up at least every once in awhile and play a game where your objective varies more than just “shoot and don’t get shot.”

Last thing for today, but it’s an important one.  IGN.com posted their review of Alan Wake late this evening and I’m sorry but I have to comment on their bullshit ratings system.  Get your tin foil hats ready because unfortunately there’s no way to avoid giving off a conspiracy vibe with what I’m about to say:

Let me start by saying I never thought much of Alan Wake leading up to today.  When it was originally hyped over six months ago, there was pretty much no information about it at all except people knew “it was going to be awesome.”  I found it quite curious since no one had ever demo’ed the game, no one had seen gameplay footage, nothing.  All we had was a teaser trailer or two.  “Whatever” I said.  “Let’s see the actual ‘game’ and then get excited.”

Fast forward to a month or two ago, I find out that there is in fact some gameplay videos of Alan Wake.  So I watched them.  Seemed okay.  Nothing to go on about one way or the other until the game was playable.  You’re a guy who runs around at night and apparently you’re a wanted man, wrongfully accused as well.  The game revolves around a lot of supernatural happenings and we’re not quite sure what to make of what Alan is seeing, if it’s real, or if it’s something inside Alan himself.  Again, sounds okay.  Probably doesn’t sound much different than most 3rd person adventure games though right?  At least nothing you haven’t seen before.  My thoughts exactly.

Now tonight IGN gives the game exactly a 9.0 out of 10.  Here’s the problem with that:  IGN gives every freakin’ game that’s hyped like crazy at least a 9.0.  Basically the system is if a game is legitimately great they’ll score it accurately, say a 9.3.  However if it’s something that has been hyped to no end and is a decent but not great game, you’ll see the ol’ 9.0 come out.  Other games that have gotten this rating include Halo 3: ODST and Brutal Legend. Good games, absolutely.  Great games?  No sir.  ODST took me about two evenings to complete.  Not two whole days, two evenings.  The multiplayer consisted essentially of a never-ending enemy generator and there wasn’t even a matchmaking system.  Does that sound “outstanding” to you?  Because that’s the word IGN uses to describe any game that receives at least a 9.0 score.  Brutal Legend was a cool game, especially if you’re into heavy metal like me.  The concept was great, but it was basically a 3D hack ‘n slash with a better amount of variety than you’re used to with that sort of game.  Yet that being said it was pretty much the general gaming public’s consensus that the developer’s decision to make 1/3 of the game into an ill-conceived RTS was an odd mistake at best, a complete screw up at worst.  9.0 exactly is the score it received.

When was the last time IGN gave an overly-hyped game anything less than a 9.0?  Too Human?  I seriously can’t even remember because at this point it’s like clockwork.  Come to think of it Too Human barely counts because it was no secret a lot of people were worried the game was a total mess in reality.  Anyways, it’s obvious why IGN does this:  They profit from it.  Don’t tell me these big game developers don’t offer to throw cash towards these websites and magazines that review their games.  Their word is gold to us gamers.  Get good reviews across the board and you’re making a ton of money, no exceptions really.  So why 9.0 exactly?  Well IGN doesn’t want to be TOO blatant about it and give every game with a fancy name a 9.8 or something.  Anything that reaches a 9.0 is pretty much considered an automatic buy by the gaming community unless it’s simply in a genre you don’t like.  9.0 keeps the money coming in the back door for IGN but it lets them sell out as little as possible.

I’m sick of it.  What was once a great, thorough gaming website is now just another corporate entity and has been for awhile now.  Check out their reviews of pretty much any game that’s been hyped a lot in the last year or so and you’ll see what I mean.  I’m sure now someone’s going to tell me that reviews are “just opinions”.  To that I say:  whatever helps you sleep at night.

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