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Daily Gaming Experience 05/07

So I went down to the store today to find some classic gaming collections and pretty much got skunked.  Midway Arcade Treasures 2 was available for only $6, however there weren’t many titles on it that I really wanted to play.  Most were sequels to games already available on the first disc (Spy Hunter II, Rampage World Tour, etc.) and it was comprised of a lot of fighting games, some good and some bad.  While I think it would be fun to run through Mortal Kombat II again and perform all the crazy finishing moves, games like Pit Fighter and Primal Rage weren’t enough to justify a purchase from me.  Intellivision Lives! was also available, however I want nothing to do with any Atari or Intellivision products after this MS Game Room fiasco.  Tecmo Classic Arcade was the final collection that was available, however again there weren’t enough games to justify taking it home.  Obviously Tecmo Bowl was included (remember that if you’re thinking about shelling out $10 for the XBLA version) but other than that there was Rygar and pretty much nothing else I had ever heard of.

In MW2 land, I’ve been coming across a lot more ass beatings than usual.  Of course you have days when you just don’t compile that many wins but lately it’s been a lot of total embarrassments.  I’m talking maybe one person on my team having a positive kill/death ratio.  Ugh.  I guess if there was a silver lining it would be that half the time I’m the person in the positive, although not by much.

I haven’t played Nasty in about a week, which is surprising.  In case you haven’t seen my previous entries, Nasty is an indie game that’s a lot like Contra and it includes 100 levels.  It’s also only costs $1.  Pick it up if it sounds even the least bit interesting to you.  The challenge is a little ridiculous in some ways but there’s a lot of game there for not a lot of money.  Very few indie games can make that claim.

That’s all for today, there is a possibility I won’t be making any entries over the weekend.  Long story short, Apple’s customer service sucks so I have to go back there again.  Let me explain:  I can’t connect to the internet wirelessly so after getting shunned by Apple once (because of course it works perfectly on their pristine network at the store), verifying the router was okay, and verifying my cable was fine.  So I’ll be going back and not matching their kindness.

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