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Daily Gaming Experience 05/08

I reconnected with a former coworker today through Xbox Live and Modern Warfare 2. That’s the beauty of the technology we have today. Sure we have Facebook, which pretty much covers all the bases, but it’s nice to verbally converse with someone while doing something you both enjoy and all while never having to leave the house! This particular guy was someone I was never good friends with but did have some good times with at work. I’m not even sure if we would have ever messaged each other on Facebook. We obviously hadn’t up to this point in time, even though we were friends.

It just goes to show that even though there are many different ways to connect with people through technology, all work in at least slightly different ways. Xbox Live is one of the few places where you can put together an impromptu leisure activity with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long period of time. It’s a cool social networking biproduct of the way video games work these days, and just another reason to keep on playing!

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