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Daily Gaming Experience 05/11

First off, I just wanted to make people aware of an upcoming release that I myself was unaware of until today. The game is called Brink and the reason I mention it is simply because it might be worth keeping an eye on if you’re into FPS’s. It looks like a straight combination of an FPS and Mirror’s Edge, so you’re essentially doing the FPS thing while also running around like crazy vaulting over ledges and sliding under things. If they pull off this type of mash-up it could be pretty cool. If you want to see some early gameplay footage you can find it on the Xbox dashboard during the newest SENTUAMESSAGE video. If you’re not familiar SENTUAMESSAGE is basically a mailbag show that’s a few minutes long where some guys from British Xbox-something or other answer questions gamers send in. As of now Brink is set to release on September 7th.

I had a chance to play a little Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on my Dreamcast today.  A little side note:  I’ve been tempted many times to purchase the Xbox Live version of the game just to play against others online, however already having the game and the fact that I just found out you don’t have to unlock anything in the new version makes me quite comfortable with my DC copy.  Anyways I’ve been increasing the difficulty one notch every time I play just to get back into form.  I’m up to 6 now so shouldn’t be long until I’m back to my old self.  I unlocked a few things, though the list seems paltry compared to the hour and a half or so I played.  Basically you’re unlocking one character and one new character color every time you beat the game.  Whew, this is gonna take awhile.  At any rate I unlocked a new stage (which was desperately needed), Chun-Li, Akuma, a new color for Iceman, and Jinn, who I swear I unlocked already but oh well.

I’m also going to bust out my copy of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection to get more of what I missed by not owning an NES back in the day.  When I first picked up a used copy of this I played about halfway through the first game, but I think I’ll focus my efforts on Mega Man 2 this time around.  It might not make much sense but I’d rather go back to the original at a future point in time and play it from start to finish.  Plus I hear the second game is the best of the bunch so I’m eager to try it.  I WILL be using GameFaqs to find out in which order you should play each boss.  So sue me.  If you want to relive your Mega Man days or you’re like me and you somehow missed out, go out and grab this on the cheap.  Don’t bother with Mega Man VIII on Xbox Live unless you’re a hardcore Mega Man fan and can afford to shell out the 800 MS points for one game.

That’s about it for today other than the usual MW2 and Catan play.  Fortunately I won a round of Catan because I’ve been losing too much lately.  Oh well, I guess law of averages will catch up to me eventually.  I will definitely be going back to Root Beer Tapper soon but man does it hurt my thumbs!  I also can’t seem to get to the point of the big breakthrough where I’m scoring much better than before, but we’ll see.

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