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Daily Gaming Experience 05/13

Splinter Cell: Conviction continues to collect dust in my small pile of games I’m supposedly playing. Sorry fans of the franchise, I just didn’t like the changes that much. To me Splinter Cell was one of those series’ where I could’ve cared less if they changed anything. Put out a game every year or two with 15-20 levels of basically the same thing and I’m there. I guess that’s just not how the world works though, at least not the gaming world. Oh well, I have mostly a former coworker to thank for that purchase, which I didn’t want to make in the first place. He convinced me I’d enjoy the game and also promised to play co-op and multiplayer with me. He said the same thing when Left 4 Dead 2 came out and that turned out to be a bust since I had only one other friend that bought it. Two strikes but I’m not waiting for the third. I have one friend that actually is as close to a hardcore gamer as I am and he’s pretty much the only person that will ever convince me to buy a game again. Take a lesson from this: Don’t buy a game based on a friendly recommendation unless the person is extremely reliable!

I did end up trying Mega Man 2 the other night and a funny thing happened: The game was absolutely brutal for me. I dunno, I think I was just more concerned with not taking any hits instead of strategically using my health bar but I went by the suggestions of which path to take and no matter what I did I got annihilated. Now yet another website suggests entirely different paths, so who knows? I’ll try again some time soon. The first game didn’t give me a problem until about halfway through so it’s got to be either bad advice or the wrong mindset as to why I’m having a terrible time with this game. I do like them though, and I think a dose of retro gaming every once in awhile for any gamer is a good thing. It doesn’t sound like it makes sense but after playing so many newer games these old games will actually feel very fresh to you. If I’ve convinced you then go out and download Bionic Commando: Rearmed immediately. Great, great game for $10. FYI there’s a sequel coming out too which I’m thrilled about. If it’s not Bionic Commando just make sure it’s something with a pedigree and a following, because bad old games are just bad. In other words, don’t confuse my advice with “go and download Microsoft Game Room.” Let me be perfectly clear.

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