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Daily Gaming Experience 05/14

IGN had an interesting article today about how stale leading characters have gotten in video games. I can see their point. I mean you basically have Solid Snake, Master Chief, Sam Fisher (who is a lot like Snake), and Mario. Maybe a few others just a hair below like Link, Kratos, the Prince of Persia, etc. After that maybe Uncharted guy, Sonic (give me a break, he’s still iconic), and a few others but that’s really it. Not much variety if you remove the classics.

At the same time I don’t really think there’s much more these companies can do though. I’d probably like to see an anti-hero in the mix at some point (read: not a villain or prostitute killer but an anti-hero). Other than that I don’t really have any ideas. One thing I would appreciate is some games not making their characters transparent and almost interchangeable. Borderlands is an example of this. Give me a back story and give the character dialogue. Heck you could even say Fallout 3 was this way. You basically played “you” in the game. That’s lame to me, and while I don’t think it was a case of cutting corners (the game is so detailed otherwise), it still felt like playing as a cardboard cutout.

Obviously we’re not going back to animals as main characters, but maybe we should. I don’t know these days games are so serious. Something should be done to lighten the mood, whether that’s the solution or not. Anyways I think video game characters are suffering in a little bit of the same way movies are: a lot has already been done. Every time something comes out it’s harder for the next thing to be completely original and not feel somewhat stale. In general I don’t care all that much, but vivid main characters might be a way to brighten up the scenery and freshen things up.

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