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Daily Gaming Experience 05/16

Sorry for the late posting.

So why does Microsoft continue to try and rape Xbox 360 owners like clockwork? Prices on Xbox Live Arcade were always a little high for my tastes and a lot of others’, but not they’re going even beyond that slightly expensive model.

Basically a long time a go I figured out that a classic/retro game on Xbox Live would be 400 points ($5) as long as it was 16-bit era or earlier. Games that support the theory include Double Dragon, Frogger, and Smash TV. Then the 800 point mark was reserved for solid new or old games that had a meaty experience. Examples would be Duke Nukem 3D, ‘Splosion Man, and Catan. The only caveat here would be if a new game had unbelievable graphics (i.e. Shadow Complex) it would be bumped to 1200 points.

Now it just seems like MS is charging whatever they want regardless of concern for how many people will buy it or (as always) if their customers are happy. Recently Rocket Knight Adventures became available on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MS points ($15). Rocket Knight is a class from the Sega Genesis that I never got to play, so obviously I was interested. Before I saw the price that is. It’s a 16-bit game with a 4-5 hour one player campaign and nothing else. Where is the justification for this price? Even at $10 I could sympathize only because it was a cult hit and maybe MS anticipated a lot of interest. $15 is just price gouging.

The last time I felt this way was when Braid was such a hit. It definitely didn’t add up to a $15 purchase, but I understood to a degree just because of the rave reviews it got. Still, I never purchased it for that reason. It’s becoming an epidemic on Xbox Live for MS to just completely disregard whether or not their customers are having fun for a reasonable price. They’re becoming more concerned with simply figuring out how much they can get away with.

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