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Daily Gaming Experience 05/20

Some tid bits to start:

At the risk of examining the fad of avatar clothing way too much, why oh why did they have to temp me with Empire Strikes Back items?? Luckily for me while there were some pretty sweet outfits, none of them really caught my eye. The rebel pilot suit is a bit tempting though, but not for $4. Having a mini taun taun prancing around my avatar was tempting too but for $3 I’ll pass. Not sure what I was looking for exactly, but it might have just been the nerd in me coming out in full force once I read the words “Star Wars”, which tends to happen.

A few words on gamertags: Seriously guys, there are way too many of you with the word “sniper” in your online handle. It’s just so redundant and generic. “Sniper” was a cool word to say ten years ago, kind of like “karate” in the ’80s. Now it’s no big deal so get with the times, seriously. Also, if you and a friend have similar gamertags you are automatically lame. The other day I noticed two people playing MW2 and one was named Colonel Ownage and the other was Papa Ownage (changed slightly just for the sake of privacy). First of all, and I don’t mean to be stereotypical, but it comes across a little gay. If you’re okay with that then fine but I’m just stating the kind of vibes it sends. It implies you and your friend are just a little too close to one another. Lastly, the word “ownage” stops sounding bad ass on your 14th birthday and judging by their voices these guys were probably adults and at best they were in their very late teens. You might as well call yourselves “Video Game King” and “Video Game Master” because that’s just about as cool and unique as the tags above.

So it looks like I’ll be purchasing Red Dead Redemption. I posted another thread on the game’s Xbox message board just to see if the shine had worn off the game a couple days after release. Literally everyone I talked to is still enjoying it and best of all my worry that dying would cause you to have to retrace your steps ad nauseum has been addressed too. From what I gather there are checkpoints within each quest so you’re not going to have to do a lot of replaying the same parts of the game. That’s gold to me and I’m pretty much sold at this point. I was told that online play is a total mess right now but in my experience that’s just the way games are anymore and patches for that kind of thing are usually available within a week or two of the game’s release.

At this point I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this game, even on the day the new Game Room releases for next were announced (more on that later!).

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