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Daily Gaming Experience 05/26: More Complaining

So I was reading an article on IGN that actually has some good content:  Second Opinions.  Every time a highly anticipated game is released it’s reviewed normally but then a bunch of other editors get together and give their opinions.  It’s a great way to get a bigger sample size of how a game was received by the staff.  This week Red Dead Redemption was the focus.

Coincidentally all editors liked the game despite a few complaints, but my problem lies in their reasoning for all the praise.  About half of them claimed RDR didn’t have a lot of the things that made them dislike Grand Theft Auto IV. That’s fine.  I hated GTAIV as well, but it’s not fine in the sense that IGN had no problem giving that game a perfect 10 score when it was released.  Only now is the truth revealed:  a lot of people simply didn’t think the game was very good.  This sentiment was echoed in the comments section of the article as well, straight from the mouths of gamers just like you and me.  So we have at least half of the IGN editors and at least half of the user comments stating that GTA IV left a lot to be desired, yet we have a perfect 10 as an official score.  Seriously IGN, you leave us no choice but to assume one of three things:  you’re either in these big developers’ pockets, you’re afraid of the consequences of a negative review on a hyped game, or you’re just a bunch of fan boys that get sucked into the hype no less than the senseless variety of gamers.  How else do you explain it?

Okay, on to Microsoft Game Room.  Time for another evaluation of this week’s releases!  Let’s see if any of them are worth $3…………….

……………….but first a quick note:  I’ve talked before about how having to download “game packs” in order for the privilege of purchasing games is totally ridiculous.  Now I find out today you only have to do that every two weeks, so this week I didn’t have to download anything but next week I will.  Confusing?  Yes.  Stupid?  Yes.  Whatever, it all makes even less sense now.  On to the games:

Buzz Bombers This is probably the best Intellivision game I’ve ever seen.  That’s kind of like being captivated by a turd that happens to have a sliver of gold stuck in it but nonetheless I thought it was worth mentioning.  Anyways this is basically a slower, more laborious version of Centipede with crappier technology and imprecise shooting.  It didn’t seem too hard either but the game plays like mud.

Haunted House Wow really?  We’re really going to put this game in the Game Room?  Who am I kidding, I’m not surprised.  You’re “in the dark” as much as you can be for an Atari game and you move by moving your own little pair of eyes which is all you can see because well, you’re in the dark!  You can press A to light a match, which basically turns your little googly eyes into a red circle resembling Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I picked up some thing that might have been a key and still wasn’t able to move anywhere else in the house or wherever I was.  This is a bad one.

Looks like a blast I know.

Millipede Okay so we finally have the arcade version of Millipede instead of the abortion that is the Atari version.  I actually really like this game and I could be wrong but it seems like your movement is more fluid than in Centipede. If I didn’t already own that game I’d definitely pick this one up, but then again I’m a sensible person.

River Raid I knew going into it that this was a game close to many Atari fans hearts, and it’s actually not bad!  Is it worth $3?  I don’t think so but if you have any kind of nostalgia for it I think it’s pretty damn close, and I can’t believe I’m saying that but there it is.  It’s a vertical shooter 1942-style and you collect fuel to keep from running out and shoot helicopters and boats while maneuvering around the terrain.  The controls are actually pretty responsive as well and the challenge seems legitimate too.  There even seems to be checkpoints as well!  I wouldn’t call this a diamond but maybe a quartz in the rough of what is the Game Room Atari lineup.

Spider Fighter Holy crap this is the second Atari game in a row I’ve actually enjoyed.  You control some little thingy at the bottom of the screen and shoot upwards just like in Centipede, except there are no mushrooms but instead a bunch of lightning fast spiders that bounce all over the screen and shoot back at you.  I like this one even better than River Raid. I never thought an Atari game would get this close to actually being worth its purchase price!

Strategy X Wow this game is actually pretty good too.  It’s an old Konami arcade game, or so I’m told.  You’re a tank moving vertically through a war zone and you rotate your gun left and right with the X and B buttons while firing with A.  It works pretty well in my opinion.  My only complaint would be that if you touch a brick wall you die instead of just stopping.  Pretty dumb.  Shocked I enjoyed it as much as I did though.  I couldn’t even find an image on Google of this beast so at least demo it for yourself.

Boxing Okay, they really need to update the menus of these games just a little bit.  It’s nice that they want to keep the games in their original form, but that’s part of what contributes to their shittiness.  I couldn’t get past the boxer selection screen.  I pressed a button that made my boxer appear, found another button that changed him from green to yellow, and changed a number at the top of the screen from 4 to 6.  What does it all mean?  How the hell should I know?  Anyways that’s as far as I could go and I was pressing every friggin’ button on the controller.  I at least wanted to try it because it didn’t look bad for an Intellivision game.  The boxers in the demo video are large and there are low, mid, and high punches for each of your hands.  The controls were like an early incarnation of Street Fighter so I kind of wanted to try it from that perspective, but it’s not like I’ll lose any sleep over it.  Another dud thanks to confusing presentation.

All in all there were about 3 games that actually caught my eye this week and that’s saying a lot.  I’m not quite ready to spend $3 on any of them but at least I could see someone else spending it.  That’s one thing I’d like to remind everyone of:  I’m not saying it’s impossible for an old game to be worth $3 in this day and age, I would just like to see games that aren’t total crap so I can at least think about owning them for a minute.

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